My Story


Nancy Thygesen (BFA, MPS) is an art therapist, dating coach and public speaker who supports women dating in midlife to be their best selves so that they can confidently attract the man who treasures them with equal passion and supports them in their purpose.


“As a divorced single mom for 25 years, I used creativity in my own healing which ultimately led me to my soulmate Rick whom I married in 2013. He is an amazing, loving man that gets my creative spirit, challenges me to be my best, and serves me as his queen. I wake up to his unique blend of coffee every morning - not one but a blend of four coffees. He doesn’t do it for brownie points but because he has a loving heart. The Bible says, Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

That was hard for me to wrap my head around (even when it’s your heart’s desire) when you’ve always been chasing uninterested and emotionally unavailable men. 

At the time of my divorce, I was a hot mess and the worst part was I didn’t know it. I  struggled with “am-I-enough” ness. I was a closet binge-eater, using food to stuff down negative emotions. I always wanted my body to be something different - you’re never too skinny as they say, especially growing up in the Twiggy years. A lot of parts of me I was ashamed of.

No man is going to find out about all that.

Especially if he was going to fill all those empty spots. Meeting a man was like the “second coming” - someone to complete me and then I will be happy. After many dating debacles, God put me on the bench. Let the healing begin.


Always a creative person, I dove into art and movement, leading me to using these same tools in helping others, ultimately getting my masters in psychotherapy and spirituality specializing in art therapy.  I saw the art heal in addictions recovery, cancer patients and sexual abuse and trauma.

Make your mess your message, they say.

When you look at your own story, what is that whack upside the head that brings a life course change? I have a special heart for women who have given up hope, have had bad relationship experiences or are just terrified of online dating. I wish I had had a mentor to hold my hand and say “What are your doing, girl? Wipe that snot off your face."

For every mountain, there is a way around it. I have discovered a simple yet profound creative template that uses art and movement and metaphors from the natural world given by the Creator as a bridge to healing. This creative process helps women be confident in the fullness of who they are and expansive in their ability to give and receive love. 

Being this best version of yourself will ultimately prepare you for a man that is also equally confident and clear in his life purpose and vision.  

As a public speaker, I transparently share from my own experience how God has transformed me into the unique creative woman that He had planned from the beginning of time and give you key tips on the journey which ultimately led me to Rick, my forever life partner. 

“I made every mistake in the dating book - so you don’t have to.“



A Smart Woman learns from her mistakes. 

A Wise Woman learns from the mistakes of others.