Women Dating in Mid-Life!
You Can Have the Relationship You Desire

  • Are you tired of dating people that don't view you as "the prize."
  • Are you fearful of trusting yourself to love again and making the right choice?
  • Are you aligning with your values in choosing a potential mate?

10 Qualities a Good Man Looks for in a Good Woman

Learn what a man with character looks for in a potential mate.

I'm Here for You

Nancy Thygesen, MPS
Art Therapist

I'm committed to

  • Empower you to confidently attract the man that pursues you passionately and supports you in your purpose by establishing your UNIQUE VALUE. 
  • Break through limiting beliefs that keep you from experiencing a loving relationship. 
  • Keep you accountable in standing in your value and values when you're dating. 
  • Give you tools for online dating that will eliminate unsuitable suitors. 

There are probably many men you can live with, but there will be that ONE that you know that you won't want to do life without.  

Let's do this together!


Professionalism and Experience

  • As art therapist and movement specialist, I give women creative tools to break through barriers that keep them from finding unconditional love.
  • I support women in midlife to be their best selves to attract the man who will appreciates them in all dimensions: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.
  • I help you to take the fear, uncertainty and overwhelm out of dating by establishing healthy boundaries so that you can be confident in the dating world.
  • After 25 years in the dating wilderness, I met and married my soulmate when I finally learned to do it God's way instead of my way. I made a lot of mistakes, but never gave up hope. It's never too late to love!


Client Testimonials

Nancy will  get you thinking outside of the box vs just talking... It has helped me find words to things, feelings, thoughts which are hard to navigate through our practical selves...It's so freeing to see clearly and be confident to act on it.

Val PB, Edmonton, AB

Nancy is a gifted teacher and leader, giving tools to reconnect and integrate mind, spirit and body. I find her to be sensitive and respectful to her clients' needs. 

Linda M, Toronto, ON